Tree leaves wave, ocean waves

“I feel like I have a calling”


Rhythmic flaps

But even a bird has to rest

Am I good enough?

Imposture syndrome strikes

I am great

As a good friend states,

“We’re creative, resilient, and whole.”

Sitting in a cowgirl hat and brown leather boots


Con mucha alma y amor

Recently told I love as a coping mechanism

I disagree

I love because that’s why we are all here

And yes, it’s vital to decipher passion from love

Patience does not favor passion

I am learning patience…

As we search for purpose ❤



Hungry for nourishment, for change, for anything that swings the pendulum the other way

Yearning for home, for solace…

Anything to alleviate the sorrow that had robbed me of my independence and self-assurance

Unwilling to receive the gift of rest, love, compassion, and surrenderance

The fighter grumbles…

Blind to the possibility of surrendering the pain, anguish, and heartbreak…

Rather than being tormented by the past, surrender to the present

Sit still and listen to the breeze… feel the warm sun's rays

Notice when you find yourself pacing and

Slow down.

Sit in the discomfort

Remember, you are stronger than you think you are

Surrender to the unknown

And… return home



Anxiety paralyzes the authentic version of yourself

The disease of the future terrorizes the present

It makes you feel inadequate and unsteady

Reject it. Fight it.

Inhale for 5 luxurious seconds

And breathe out slowly for 5 or more

Repeat until your vision crystalizes

Free yourself from your mind

Plant your feet firmly onto the ground

Put both of your hands on your hips

Feel the pull of gravity

Sink into your power




Zara Macias

Zara holds a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. She’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health and empowering women, Latinos, & POC to lead.