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Go with the flow

Learning to take things slow and enjoy

Pouring rain & dancing bodies

Let go of the pain darling

Keep moving forward

Writer, Artist, & All-around badass

Keep going with the flow

Inspire transpire and encourage

Stand up for those who feel pressured to do what they are not in the mood for


Let go

Let’s go

Let it flow


Your passion

Stay committed

Even if you don’t know

Prima vente

A bailar



Vamos entonces

Poco a poco

Como decía mi mamá

Te quiero mami

Te extraño

Con todo mi corazón

Tu presencia persiste

I’m going to make you proud.

Puro amor




A glass of ice cold Mezcal Bruxo 1, jarabe de romero, jugo de piña jugo de limon y compota de frutos rojos


Soft trumpet, piano, and guitar

Queso fundido y tortillas recién hechas


Un amor

Un amor tan rico

I think I’m still in love with my first love

It’s true…

Creatives attract creatives

Incapable of staying in between the lines

I feel… different.


Whole :)

So grateful for Casa Luna

Grateful for the beauty, drama, and passion

Thankful I’ve learned to love life rather than bear it

The sunshine overpowers the temporary darkness

It’s true

It gets better

My love, my life

I pray everyone have the opportunity to heal, rest, and savor the moment

To let out their darkness

So we may breathe, love, and take chances

Viva Mexico

Learn to let go.



I am not a woman that needs to be chased

Nor do I require accolades

I enjoy space

Engage but do not suffocate

Do not stand in my way

Do not distract me with your irrelevant, empty ways

She recognizes when someone tries to find ways around her ‘no’.

Empowerment is the antithesis of entitlement

Lying by omission

Empowers the liar, not the woman



Tree leaves wave, ocean waves

“I feel like I have a calling”


Rhythmic flaps

But even a bird has to rest

Am I good enough?

Imposture syndrome strikes

I am great

As a good friend states,

“We’re creative, resilient, and whole.”

Sitting in a cowgirl hat and brown leather boots


Con mucha alma y amor

Recently told I love as a coping mechanism

I disagree

I love because that’s why we are all here

And yes, it’s vital to decipher passion from love

Patience does not favor passion

I am learning patience…

As we search for purpose ❤



Hungry for nourishment, for change, for anything that swings the pendulum the other way

Yearning for home, for solace…

Anything to alleviate the sorrow that had robbed me of my independence and self-assurance

Unwilling to receive the gift of rest, love, compassion, and surrenderance

The fighter grumbles…

Blind to the possibility of surrendering the pain, anguish, and heartbreak…

Rather than being tormented by the past, surrender to the present

Sit still and listen to the breeze… feel the warm sun's rays

Notice when you find yourself pacing and

Slow down.

Sit in the discomfort

Remember, you are stronger than you think you are

Surrender to the unknown

And… return home



Zara Macias

Zara Macias

Zara holds a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. She’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health and empowering women, Latinos, & POC to lead.